April 30, 2009

A List

I have many things to say, but none of them really go together so I am making a list.
Here goes!

--I love the color of freshly turned over dirt. The farmers are preparing to plant their crops, and they are getting their fields ready. The dirt is a beautiful dark, rich brown. I remember 15 years ago not thinking like this. But over the years dirt has become beautiful to me.

--My mother has had a prayer answered. Nothing earth shattering. Nothing life or death. Nothing all that exciting. Unless you were one of the ones she was praying for. I am one of the ones, and it is has been a wonderful few moments for me to know that mother prayed for me, a prayer that would probably seem small to you. But it didn't seem small to God. He answered it and I never thought it would feel this good! Thank you mom!

--enema's should not be sold over the counter. They should only be given by medical professionals. And that is all I'm saying about that. (except that it wasn't me that received one! Thank heavens for that!) Did you notice that I didn't capitalize the word enema? I refuse to show it any grammatical respect!!

--There are rumors that the pool won't open this year. If you follow my other blog with my sister http://www.sistersabbyandjulie.blogspot.com/ you will know how much I love that pool. I'm going to have mother start praying that the board of directors will see to it that the pool opens! If it doesn't I'm not sure if I will survive the summer!

--I read the book of Obadiah today. What a gem of a book!

--I want to remind you that the little things you do for people go a long way. When you call someone by name it means a lot. When you invite someone to eat it warms their heart. When you show yourself friendly, you make a friend! Theres you some Bible!!!

--When I drink coke at bedtime I can't go to sleep. This didn't use to happen to me. I mean up until 6 months ago I could drink a coke and go right to sleep. But now, I'm up! I mean I'm writing this at 1:58 AM(did you know this time existed?). There is just something wrong with growing old!!

--Samuel cooked supper tonight. I made the batter for Aunt Janets sweet and sour chicken and he battered the chicken and fried them. All while singing a medley of Silver Bells (yes, the Christmas song), Livin on a Prayer, and She's a Maniac. I don't know why those songs. I didn't even know he knew the last two and I didn't know he knew all the word to Silver Bells.
He always surprises me. I'm afraid of the knowledge, mostly useless, that he has in that head of his. He has my heart, and he knows it!

Well those are 8 things that were on my mind. Aren't you glad I shared them with you! I plan to post a couple of recipes tomorrow (or later today, being that it is already today!) so hold your hats. Get ready to chow down!!


  1. Post some of this cute stuff on our blog that we share together. It is great stuff. Call me about #2.

  2. I'm glad you had answered prayer. I'm sorry to hear about the pool, I know you love it. I'd like to get a pool this summer, and if we do, you can always come hang out with me and the kids can swim!

  3. Okay, it's been two weeks--where are the recipes??