May 5, 2009

I miss the tanning bed

I love to tan.

I love the tanning bed.

I love the feeling of the heat on my skin, the whirring sound of the bed, the feel of the fan on my face, the smell of the acelerator lotion on my body.

I love that my children cannot bother me while I'm in the tanning bed. That could be the best thing!

It has been 4 years since I have been in a tanning bed. 4 years! That is just too long.

I have been tanning in my back yard underneath the good ole sun for all these years.

I'm used to tanning the old fashioned way. When I was growing up I would lather myself up with crisco and tan in my backyard. Ok, so maybe tan isn't the correct word. Burn was more like it.

I have matured a lot since those days. I don't put crisco on my body anymore (mainly because Stephen still makes fun of those burned days in high school!) Thank heavens for the ability to mature and learn from mistakes of the past.

I do however love to sit under the blazing sun and tan. It is probably my favorite thing to do in the summer.

I try to begin my tanning in April. (let me clear something up real quick. When I say I tan in the back yard, I mean I am sitting in a chair with short and a shirt on. I'm not laying in a lawn chair in my backyard with a bikini on.) But this year things have been different. April was cold and May has been too rainy.

I haven't been this white in May in years. YEARS!

I want a tan. I want a tan now. I want a tan right now.

Sun please shine! Please!


  1. Jules, don't you know that's bad for you? C'mon get some sunblock and protect your skin! :) I haven't been in a tanning bed since I was in college and burnt my entire body. Yes, I said entire. I now know what it feels like to have sunburn on my b**bs, ok? Hey, I was alone in there and I didn't want any tan lines! *wink*