January 7, 2010

Another dose of randomness

Anna got her ears pierced Saturday while we were visiting Dad and Connie. We had been talking about it for over a year. She had a couple of goals to meet and then she could get her ears pierced if she wanted. She met the goals and she announced while we were at the mall that she wanted to do it. I don't know who was more excited her or Stephen! Isn't that funny? He let her pick the earrings she wanted (cost was not to be considered) and she sat up in the chair hugged a bear they gave her to hold on to, held her breath and cried a few tears. She had quite the audience, her brothers, me, Dad, Connie and Stephen were all there. It was a memory. And the girls that pierced her ears. Their names were Julie and Anna. How neat is that??!!

Today on facebook women and girls are posting one word on their status's. Just a color. I didn't get it at first. As the day went on I caught on that it was their bra color. Really?? I googled it to find out what was going on. It turns out it is for breast cancer awareness. No money is being raised, it is just for awareness. Call me a prude (some do), but I just thing that is a little TMI. I have men that are facebook friends, preachers, old youth ministers, my husbands friends. I really don't want them to know what color my bra is. Posting it as my status would just get them to thinking about other women, their bras, and their breasts. Is that really what we should be promoting? I've not had breast cancer. I have friends that are fighting it right this very minute though. I don't mean any offense to you. Really I don't. I just don't know that posting the color of your bra on facebook is the best way to get the message across. We have enough trouble in this world with men and them taking advantage of women of all ages, we shouldn't give them free information and let their minds wander.

Ok! Enough of that!

I made the pioneer woman's mashed potatoes tonight. They're still in the oven, but I'll let you know how they turn out. With 2 sticks of butter, cream cheese and half and half, I don't know that we will notice the potatoes or not!

I got my hair done today. Hows that for random???

I miss Henry. I need to smell him and kiss his neck (but only if it is clean of formula gunk. Don't you just hate the way it gunks up under the baby's second neck, and you only clean necks 1, 3 and 4??!!).

As I said earlier Anna met a couple of goals we had set for her. I can't tell you the difference in that little girl. She is happy go lucky, fun, silly, and is feeling all of her 5 years. What a precious treasure she is.

And because I have talked about her twice, let me say something about the boys. They made a salt dough map of Egypt today for school. They worked together and made it look so cool. I'm not sure if it is geographically correct, but they worked as a team and sometimes that is more important!!

I hope you stay bundled up tonight if it is cold where you are! We are going to cheer on Bama. It goes against our nature, but cheering for the other team would probably just kill us!


  1. I love this post!!!!! but I am sorry to say I thought they were talking about their nightgown colors. so i said purple. oh well...
    glad anna is doing good with her new goals. she is a cutie for sure.
    the boys do so good working together. that is a real goal for them for sure.
    love you lots


  2. We are cheering for Bama too!

  3. Congratulations Anna! Bet she looks adorable with the new earrings! I agree, TMI...one of my friends acutally posted "none of your business.." I thought that was the best one. I could see Miss M now, she'd be mortified if I posted mine...lol..

    I made PW's mashed potatoes a few times. They are delish..an indulgence, for sure!

    We're studying Egypt this year too. A salt dough project sounds fun..and messy! lol

    How was all that for random comments?? :) Miss you girl!