January 6, 2010

Thank you Abby!!

I'm so excited about my new look!

Do you love it?? I do!

As you probably know, I am limited in what I can do with my computer. So, I was nice to my sister and she said she would help me look better.

It pays to have a sister!

She has had a terrible week. She has had to take Henry (who is the cutest thing!) for an upper GI test, deal with a fussy baby, go without sleep and pay a whole heck of a lot of money for medicine for Henry!! And did it alone, without help from family or her husband.

I'm so proud of her! She is a trooper and a great mom!!

Thanks Ab, for helping me look better even though you were lacking sleep!!


  1. I love the new look! I am sorry to hear about Henry.

  2. I love your new look, Julie! It is speacial and eye-catching. Abby did a terrific job.