January 26, 2010

This past weekend the kids and I headed out on a little trip.

Henry and Mom were having a little party. A Sip & See. A new southern tradition where you invite friends to come see the new baby and sip a drink while doing so. It was at Mom's friend Genia's house. She is such a terrific hostess. I mean that woman goes all out! The food was delish, her house was beautiful, and that party was just perfect. There are pictures here
It turned out I wasn't really invited to the party, but was so glad they let Anna and I attend anyway. I got to see so many special people. People that have played important roles in my life. It was a great time.

And then Abby and I went shopping. Just a wee bit of shopping, but enough to satisfy our need for a sister shopping trip.

Sunday the kids and I went to church. We sat up in the balcony, because thats where they always want to sit. When Anna and I were walking up the stairs to the balcony alone. She said she thought we weren't supposed to be doing that and we were probably going to get in trouble! I assured her if we got in trouble, I would be the one in trouble, not her since she is just 5.

Anyway... As I stood in the balcony during the song service (because at GABC they don't let you sit while you sing, I guess Keith thinks we are all in the choir!)I looked around at the people. The choir and sanctuary was full of my old Sunday School teachers, parents of my friends, my old friends, people that poured themselves into my life and made me a better person.

I also walked past many people that I knew that didn't know me. I would say hi, and they would smile and say hi but with no ounce of recognition in their voices. Those people also were so good to see. I saw people that were church staples. You know the ones that are always at church, in the same pew. It was good to see them still there, singing praises to God and worshiping Him. Although the look and feel of GABC isn't the same as it used to be, all those people are still going to church. Do you know why? Because they love the Lord. That is what it is all about.

They have gone through a rough couple of years at church. Things have changed, the music is louder, the dress is casual, the preaching is different. But the Lord is being worshipped and praised at that church. The method may be a little different, but the God is the same!

I was so glad to be there. I got teary. I leaned down to Samuel (I won't be doing that much longer, that boy is getting tall!)and told him that I hope when he is an adult that he can go back to FBC Star City and look around the congregation and see people that poured themselves into him to make him a better person. And that he will be able to see people that helped make him a better Christian, and a lover of the Lord.

So my question is, Who are you pouring yourself into? Are you making a difference in someones life? Are you someone that others look at with fondness because of what you did for them? Are you the person that can always be counted on to be in the same pew every Sunday?
Or are you the person that has decided that you've served your time, you've taught VBS and Sunday School and now you think you should rest and stop serving? Is that what God wants for you? Does He want us to stop serving because we've done it for 20 -30 years? I don't think so. I pray that we will all find a place to serve, a place to make a difference in someones life.

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