February 1, 2010


As a parent there are many milestones that we await anxiously for our children to meet.
Sleeping through the night, the first step, the first word and being potty trained. And as they get older we look forward to other steps. Learning their numbers and ABC's, going to school, losing a tooth, and accepting Christ as their Lord and Savior.

Well, today Anna met a milestone. She learned how to ride her bike. The boys all accomplished this a little earlier than Anna, but we also worked with them more than we have her. (And when I say we I mean Stephen) Today the twins and Anna were at the gym with me while I walked. The boys had taken their scooters and Anna insisted on bringing her bike even though she didn't know how to ride it. I told her I wasn't going to help her with that today. But she was determined to take it. Stephen came to say hi while we were there and Anna yells "hey, look at me!" we turned around and there she went. Riding her bike, on her own, with no help, and she didn't crash. Stephen and I were amazed. How did this happen? We don't know.

But it is a milestone met! YAY!

There are others now to look forward to.
Learning to drive, first date, graduating, going to college, graduating, moving away, getting married, having children.

We await all of these anxiously. We are so proud of our children and know they will do great things. Today I'm most proud of Anna. Who, because of her stubburn will, can ride her bike!


  1. That is so awesome! Those firsts are so special. My brother Blake taught me to ride my bike. It was so great that my big brother could help me with this. (We were 8 years apart in age.)Now that he is gone, I have that memory always of him. I am thrilled for Anna. I bet you were so proud of her.

  2. I'm thinking that she had an easier time because she was older... and the muscles, reflexes, coordination, reaction timing, thinking/processing skills...all were more advanced than when your boys learned(they were younger,body/mind not as ready, thus more practice and determination required). So, it happened because she was way ready for it to. Not luck, not stubborness, just a smart, determined little girl who was really
    R>E>A>D>Y to just do it! :) Yes, one of many milestones to come!

  3. Kelley - Jules and I are also 8 years apart.