February 10, 2010

A book review

I'm going to do a couple of book reviews in the next few days. Well, really today and tomorrow.

As you may know I homeschool my children. I've been doing it for six years now and don't know how long I'll continue. All I know is that for this year and next year I will teach my kids at home.

I've always thought that it didn't define who I am but I've noticed that it has. I am a mother who homeschools. Good or bad. Pretty or ugly. Like it or hate it. It is me. I am it. Oh My!

So today's book is an e-book which simply means you can download it, print it out and it is yours to keep. I love an e-book, I usually keep them saved on my computer and have a printed copy.

This book is called Molly's Money Saving Digest. It's the January 2010 edition and its published by The Old Schoolhouse Magazine and has several contributing writers.

Molly's Money Saving Digest is full of tips on how to save money and be a bit frugal. It begins with a recipe. I was pleasantly surprised. I wasn't expecting a recipe and this one looks easy enough for me. Samuel loves to cook, so I have given it to him to try. And the step-by-step pictures are pretty good and very helpful.

There are also quite a few worksheets that can be printed out as well. There are a few for budgeting but my fave was the clothing inventory sheet. Why have I never thought of this before? I can tell this is going to be HUGE in my life.

Also included in this months edition is a weeks worth of menus with a shopping list. And the cutest, cheapest decorating tip. Love it!

Where my children are concerned it had a great art project for my younger kids and a hands-on check-writing lesson for Samuel. I realize that he will probably NEVER have to write a check and will only use debit cards when he gets older, but I think it is important to teach him the basics. (I've also taught my kids how to use a telephone with a dial! I know, I'm odd)

I enjoyed this e-book and found it a helpful and useful tool for my day-to-day life. I bet you will too. Visit www.econobusters.com and see what all Molly has to offer. Its a great blog and the montly digest editions are just $4.95. What a deal!


  1. I LOVE Molly! Did you know she also has a facebook page? ;)