February 8, 2010


It is Monday and I'm actually posting a daybook. I can't believe it is happening. The planets must be aligned just right!

Daybook 2/8/10

Outside my window...rain, gloom, and more rain

I am thinking...it isn't really fair that every other member of my family is experiencing snow and me, the one with 4 kids, isn't

I am thankful for... HEAT

From the kitchen...the smell of a birthday cake candle

I am wearing...a cute black knit jacket and pants with a turquoise shirt underneath. Must say, it brightens my face on this gloomy day.

I am remembering...snow days from days gone by

I am going...to basketball practice tonight. Not for me, the boys

I am reading...The Apothocary's Daughter ON MY KINDLE!!!Love.it.

I am hoping...for snow

I am hearing...the sound of the garbage truck. Thank God for the garbage truck!

Around the house...messes

One of my favorite things...the vacuum cleaner I borrowed

A few plans I have for the week... Valentines day presents need to be bought.

I don't know if I have the correct list for the daybook. So I just took the ones I likes and left the ones I didn't. It's the way I roll!!


  1. Hi, I enjoyed your daybook. I have a few messes here that I need to tackle. Snow has been falling all day. I don't remember a time where it has snowed this much. The snow was completely gone finally yesterday. We woke up covered again. Unusual for here in the South.

  2. We had a lot of snow where I live. When there is a snow day, there are tons of messes. I love reading your day book.

  3. Hey can you get me your e-mail so I can let you know about the igloo.

  4. That is the way you roll, isn't it? :)