February 3, 2010

A few faves

A list of some of my favorite things! I know you're excited!

* a cold can coke
* the number 8
* having a daughter
* sit-coms
* receiving a text from a friend
* clean sheets on my bed
* having twins that love each other
* a chocolate doughnut for breakfast and one for a snack
* Sunday night church
* preachers wives
* girls lunches
* having a pre-teen son in the house
* a husband who not only loves me but loves the way I look (despite the weight gain)
* jeans
* sleeping late
* Jesus. I mean, really!


  1. Great list and I have to agree with several of your entries: Jesus, Sunday night church, a very cold can coke, a daughter and twin sons that love each other. Plus I would add a nice comfy couch and a fluffy throw on a cold day.