February 4, 2010

A few un-faves

Yesterday I listed my faves. Today a list of my not-so-faves.

* alarm clocks
* bills (not Bill a person, but bills that I have to pay)
* stop lights
* 1-ply toilet paper
* sloppy joes
* being misunderstood
* facebook requests
* fractions and decimals
* being so far away from my family
* a cluttered garage
* frustration
* sibling rivalry (I don't understand why it is called that. It should just be sibling ugliness)
* flower-y shirts
* smacking
* sharpening pencils
* unpainted toenails (only on women, men please don't paint your toenails!)

Strange list. But I can be a strange person at times. This is one of those times!
Love ya'll!


  1. my toenails are not painted at this time. Come paint them for me.

  2. I can't reach my toenails. Ha! I like your list. I feel the same way about your list.