March 8, 2010

As with anything, being a preachers wife has its ups and downs.

I have experienced some real downs recently but yesterday I experienced an up day!

For absolutely no reason except that this particular woman felt love for me, I was blessed. She loved me in spite of Me.

I fell in love with her family as soon as we moved here. I even remembered their names from the very first time we met. Which is very unusual for me. They are a sweet family full of love for the Lord, one another, and other people that God puts in their lives. I am fortunate and honored to know them. They will never know how their encouraging words, smiles, and love have often taken a cloudy day and turned it into a sunny one for me.

I know God put us together yesterday. It isn't what she did that reminded me of her sweetness as much as it was the way she did it. She was kind and sweet and full of love.

She has made me desire to be an unexpected blessing to someone today. How about you? Can you be a blessing to someone today?

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  1. Those unexpected blessings are so great! I want to be a blessing to someone today.