March 9, 2010

The week we moved to this town a few people dropped by to see us in the evenings. (We love drop-in guests)

One of them was our across the street neighbor. She bought a cake and friendship.

My family fell in love with her. She has done countless good things for us. Countless.

She also cuts hair and, not to brag, but my hair looks better than ever. Thank you very much.

I got the opportunity to take her to the doctor the other day. And we had such a fun time together.

We endured a doctors office visit. Which I must say was more fun with a friend. I've never taken a friend to a doctors appointment before, but I think I will the next time. Who knew you could have such fun in the exam room!!

And then we got to have a girls lunch. Oh, I really love a girls lunch. There isn't anything quite like laughing and sharing together over salad, coke and pasta. Really. Don't you agree?

And then I took her to the Boy Scout Store. Yes, there is such a thing. One of the ladies that works there is over the top nice. It's a good thing, because when I walk in that store I lose all focus. Its as if I've walked into another world. The Boy Scouts world. I would rather walk into the Target world, or the Belk world if you know what I mean.

And then we headed home. It was such a good day with a great friend. I'm glad I got to spend my day with her.

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  1. That sounds like such a good time! What a blessing you were to her.