March 4, 2010

Curling, A Chore?

I love a list.

I love to make a list.

I love to mark things off of a list. In fact sometimes I add things to it that I've already done just so I can mark them off.

I'm not the only one right?

Well, Monday I made a list. Not my best one ever. Nothing lofty on this list. Here's a sample.

clean refrig
hang and tag clothes for DDG
mop floors
sweep garage
take clothes to a&e's
hang Samuel's shelf

It is now Thursday and I have marked one thing off the list. Just one thing. I haven't even added anything to mark off.

And it isn't that I haven't done anything this week. Because I have. I really have. Just nothing list worthy I guess.

So today, I'm on a mission to complete my list. I will do it. I will!

Oh! The one item I completed? Mopping. Its my new favorite chore. It reminds me of my new most favorite Olympic sport-Curling. You should see me go. I think I could take that girl from Canada on!

Do you make lists?


  1. you are so funny. Come mop for me, please

  2. I make lists too. I have them everywhere. It helps me keep things straight. Now where did I put that list.... Ha!

  3. You can do it!! I love lists too. You can add "make to-do list" onto your list, and then mark that off too. =p Good luck with completing your tasks.

  4. Oh yeah - I definitely make lists. Grocery lists, meal plan lists, to-do lists.....I like lists! :)

  5. I love lists. LOVE lists. It helps me so much to have a visual of what I need to accomplish. Now, that said, I'm not a huge fan of mopping and would just love to have you come 'curl'. You don't live in California, do you? LOL

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  7. Oh, loved this post! My friends call me the "List Queen." I don't know how folks operate without them. And, like you, there's something theraputic about marking the items off. Blessings to you! Oh, since you love mopping, do you have a Shark Steam Mop? They are "the bomb" and I love mine. You might love mopping even more if you had one of those. :o)

  8. I make lists, I just forget to consult them...I am hopeless really. And, if you really LOVE mopping, I would like to cordailly invite you to my house!

  9. Hi,my name is Cari and I am a chronic list maker!
    I make so many lists that now my six year old is making them!

  10. Yes, I make lists. Yes, I add what I've done (that's not on the list) just so I can mark it off and celebrate the accomplishment. And, I hate mopping. Will you mop my floors? They need it desperately! I'm sure I can find something to do for you in return! :-)