March 17, 2010

March Madness

For the last 7 or 8 years our family has filled out individual March Madness brackets and hung them on a wall in our home.

Yes, we have children that are ages 8 and 5 right now. And yes, we have filled out brackets for them since they could talk. It is quite fun.

Stephen would sit each child on his lap and tell them the names of the teams, and which ever name they repeated would go on their bracket. Fun times!!

I don't know what the results of all of our years of bracket-making are, but I'm sure Samuel and Stephen have beat us all.

I've decided this year to let you know who our final four are.

Kansas vs Kansas St
Baylor vs West Virginia
Kansas St vs Baylor
Baylor wins!!!

Kansas vs Syracuse
Kentucky vs Baylor
Kentucky vs Baylor
Kentucky wins!!!

Tennessee vs Syracuse
Temple vs Duke
Syracuse vs Duke
Syracuse wins!!!

Anna (get ready this was a fun one!)
Kansas vs Minnesota
Wofford vs Sienna
Minnesota wins!!!

Kentucky vs Louisville
Kansas vs Syracuse
Kansas vs Louisville
Kansas wins!!!


  1. I loved the diversity of your brackets! That's a lot of fun. I saw your entry on Lisa McKay's site in the online discussion group and wanted to tell you that I could relate to so much you said. We should compare notes sometime! Thanks for visiting my site.