March 24, 2010

Spring Break lunches

It is Spring Break in Arkansas! Woo-Hoo

I had decided not to take a spring break this year, work the kids through it, but it turns out I like spring break.

I remembered back to my 9th grade year. I can remember running through the halls on the Friday before spring break, so excited! I have no idea what I did that spring break, I know I didn't go anywhere, but I guess I was ready to have me some 14 year old fun!

This year I've decided to take each one of the kids on a one-on-one lunch. Just me and one of mine.

Monday was David's day. He chose Subway. He had a BLT and some bbq chips. We had a good time talking and laughing.

Tuesday was Daniel's day. He chose the bbq restaurant in town. He had a BLT and fries. Strange that they ordered the same thing at two different restaurants isn't it. This twin thing is really weird! We also had a good time talking and laughing.

Today is Samuel's day. I'm not for sure where we are headed to, but I know we will have a good time. We always do.

What are you doing for spring break?

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  1. Mary-Kate and I are having lots of mother daughter time. We have played and gone to the park. We have visited with family and friends. It has been wonderful.