May 15, 2010

Books and a Ballgame

Yesterday Anna and I headed north. Well a little north.

We went to Searcy to the Homeschool Convention. I just love Searcy. The people are nice, the shopping is good and eating isn't bad either. It's such a nice town!

We ate lunch with my friend Kim. Kim and I have been friends for about 8 years. She has prayed for me and seen prayers answered. I have watched her ministry grow and seen her do some great work for the kingdom of God. I love her and it was great to get to spend a little bit of time with her over a yummy chef salad at the Cookie Basket.

Then Anna and I headed to the convention. I always go to this convention with my list of books I need for the next year. And then I get there, and I see all kinds of other books and curriculum I hadn't thought of and then my mind gets so full of information it almost explodes!!

I always work the used book sale so that I can shop the sale first with the other volunteers. It is definitely worth my time to volunteer when I see the money I save by getting to shop early.

We didn't leave until about 8:30. Stephen called and he and the boys were at a Travs game in North Little Rock so Anna and I stopped there. By the time we got there it was the 6th inning. Parking was free and so was admission. A free baseball game!

We missed getting to watch the boys brush off the bases between one of the innings though. Stephen said it was funny and the boys loved getting to be on the field. They have always signed up to do the games between the innings but this is the first time they've been picked.

After the game all the kids got to run the bases. I wish I had videoed Anna. She was so cute flying around those bases in her hot pink flip-flops!

We didn't get home until about midnight. Today we have a wedding to go to and hopefully we can get to bed at a normal time tonight. I have a feeling it will be the last time until we get back from vacation.


  1. That sounds like a wonderful day! I know you are excited about your trip. It will be so much fun!

  2. Cookie Basket - drool, drool. Love that place!! I used to work at First Security just around the corner and a group of us would walk over there for lunch now and then. My mouth is watering just thinking about it!

    Sounds like a lot of fun!