September 23, 2010

A Presidential Day

A couple of years ago I gave the boys a writing assignment. They were to write President Bush and just tell him about themselves. I told them that he would not personally read them, but he probably had a system that in return for a letter to him, they would get a letter from him.

It worked. They got nice letters and pictures from the President. And even a Christmas card that same year!

David decided in the summer to write a letter to President Bush. I guess he was just in a letter writing mood that day. The letter was good and so I mailed it.

(Not all letters are postage stamp worthy. Some letters have bad penmanship, or incorrect spelling and I won't send letters like that.)

Yesterday, David got this picture from President Bush. It has David's name on it, he thinks that is so cool. The letter was addressed to Master David Beavers. Thankfully, he hasn't expected us to refer to him as Master. The time could come though!

As a homeschool mom, its always good to know that those extra assignments we give our children really count! They make a difference in the child's life and sometimes make a memory you can frame!

Let me add that the boys did send letters to President Obama. He responded to one of them with a letter that was not on a grade schooler's level of understanding, or even caring. The boys were not thrilled with the response, so no more letters have been written to him. I'll have them write letters to him again as a writing assignment to see if they get a different response, but we'll do that later in the year.

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