May 6, 2015

A New Day

When I was in high school, maybe junior high, our church adult choir sang a cantata called "Joy Comes in the Morning." I can still hear the title song in my head, it was one of my very favorite cantata's ever!

 And I love using the word cantata. What does it even mean? It reminds me of canasta, which I know means baskets in Spanish. I also know I'm not good at canasta, and I don't have a good singing voice so I'm not real good at cantata's either! 


Joy comes in the morning, is a phrase that has always been in my heart. The verse is Proverbs 30:5, it says weeping lasts for the night but joy comes in the morning! Isn't the Bible great?! The truths that God has given us are so rich, and so good. There are many times my weeping has been intense and long lasting, but joy came. It always does. 

And today was no different. After a rough Monday evening and night, Tuesday wasn't a lot better. Feelings were still hurt, hearts were broken, and egos were smashed. And today, all of those things are still true, but joy came this morning. There are more smiles today, some pep in our steps. My favorite verse in all of the Bible is James 1:2, Count it all joy when you face trials of many kinds. I have a thing for verses that talk about joy evidently! 

Our burdens are light compared to all the other burdens and hurts people are facing. I know that. But right now, one of my children isn't at 100% and that hurts. But joy comes in the morning!

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