May 8, 2015

A Win!

If you've read here this week, you know it's been a rough one. Emotions have been high, the tensions have been high and my anxiety level has been out of control!

Yesterday Samuel's baseball team had there last regular season game. We played a team that if we won we would finish 1st in our conference, and if we lost we would finish 4th. Since we had won our last five conference championships, they really wanted to win a sixth. For some reason, my anxiety was on alert. I get anxious from time to time, especially when my kids are involved, but this was crazy! 

The game started off great, Samuel made great plays at 1st base and was hitting the ball. Then the 6th inning came, and this wheels started falling off. A bad call was made, Stephen yelled and almost got thrown out. It was tense! But we won!

After the game I got to take this picture. He said, "I'm sweaty." That was an understatement for sure! He was so excited, the whole team was. The parents were. It was a really great night for the Wildcats!

And that's what winners look like!

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