May 16, 2015

The End of a Season

We've had a fun few days. The state baseball tournament was held in Harrison this year, so we made the drive up Wednesday night. The team got rooms in Branson, so we did too. We love Branson so much, and we were super excited to get to visit for a couple of days. (Stephen not so much, he's been saying he's tired of Branson for about four years now!) 

We shopped and ate and went to two baseball games. This first one was Thursday afternoon. We were down 2-1 most of the game. It was nerve wracking for all of us. None of us were having fun. I thought I was going to throw up or have a heart attack, or both! Samuel played 1st base and made a heck of a play! He sacrificed his body to make an out and save a run. We were so proud. 

Finally, we scored and made it 3-2 and won the game in the last inning. It was too much!

The boys were so excited!

Friday, we weren't so lucky. Samuel didn't play so I wasn't as invested in the game, but I wanted to win! I really wanted to win! But it wasn't to be. We lost and headed for home. 

It was a really great season of baseball. I'm so glad Samuel has had the opportunity to play. God has given him some ability and he is enjoying being able to use it and succeed. He practices hard. 

Baseball is over, summer football will start in a couple of weeks, and we'll be making decisions about what Daniel and David might play next year. The season is over, only for a new one to begin.

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