April 24, 2009

Its great to be eight!

picture from summer of 2007
I can't believe that David and Daniel are 8 years old today.

I know all mothers say that. But really. Where has the time gone?

I can still remember all the events of April 24, 2001 as if they happened just hours ago.

But I promise not to go over them with you now. Just suffice it to say that Dillards does not sell socks anywhere near where they sell shoes. So if you are a pregnant woman on your way to the hospital to deliver your twin babies. And you need a pair of socks, because the thought of no socks in the hospital makes you cringe, and because you didn't know you were going to the hospital when you left home for your doctors appointment. Then don't park by the shoe department thinking that the socks would be nearby. You know, thinking that socks and shoes naturally go together. Because Dillards sells socks on the direct opposite side of the store from the shoes. And you might think that you feel fine and being dilated to a 4 (sorry guys!) isn't a big deal. Let me assure you that it is a big deal. You WILL BE out of breath and barely able to make it out of the store. Much less able to drive yourself to the hospital and walk the mile from the parking garage to the OB floor. So, remember that socks and shoes are not sold together!(Note to Dillards: could you maybe sell SOME socks in the shoe department?)

I can remember how my mom sounded on the phone when she realized she wasn't going to be with me for the birth of the twins.

I can remember how they sounded when they cried for the first time. They sounded like kittens, it was so sweet.

I can remember holding them both for the first time. And thinking that two babies at one time had to be the greatest gift God could ever give a person.

I also remember wondering how in the world we were going to tell these boys apart. They looked just alike!

That day brought chaos, excitement, joy, peace, and contentment. It was a wonderful day. And I'm glad that I get to celebrate all of that again today.

Happy Birthday David!
Happy Birthday Daniel!
I am so glad to be your mom!


  1. Happy Bday David and Daniel!! I loved the story about Dillards. Too funny Julie.

  2. Nothingl ike being 8 and having your first hit....what fun memories for those 2 baseball pros. I got in the shower after you called (a bit cooler tonight, but still fear it was too hot...email me and tell me more about this heat thing)and grinned ear to ear picturing the play.

  3. I can't believe I posted such a long comment on your trader of a blog.